EPS Hosting - Hosting Accounts

Web Hosting Service Level Agreement

EPS out-sources the hosting and e-mail needs of its clients to a trusted 3rd party with whom EPS has negotiated discounted rates and improved, more reliable service levels for our clients. EPS becomes your dedicated point of contact for any of your e-mail or Web site hosting issues and guarantees that any enquiries or difficulties relating to your Web hosting will be investigated and dealt with immediately by EPS.

EPS is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our service is limited to:

  • Hosting of Web sites
  • Provision of e-mail accounts, i.e. the ability for you to check specific e-mail accounts
  • Information Technology and networking sales and support

Problems you may experience with the Internet include:

  • Unable to gain access to, or 'surf' the Internet
  • Unable to gain access to Web sites
  • Unable to connect to the Internet or your 'Internet Service Provider'
  • Unable to 'send' mail
  • Unable to receive mail due to a time-out error

The above problems are most likely related to the service provided by your ISP or your organisation's internal network configuration. To resolve any of these problems, you should first check with your ISP or network administrator. If you require further assistance, phone the EPS office, as we may be able to offer you I.T. or network support to remedy your situation.

E-mail Support

EPS provides your incoming mail service. EPS creates your unique e-mail accounts so that you can receive e-mail. We also provide you with written instructions so that you can add the details for these accounts to your office computers in order to begin using the accounts. EPS does not provide your outgoing e-mail service, or ability to send e-mail; your ISP supplies this service.

If you experience problems checking or receiving your e-mail during business hours, contact EPS. We will check the status of your e-mail and Web site hosting to determine the exact nature of the problem you are experiencing and advise whether or not the problem is with our Web or e-mail servers. In the unlikely event the fault is caused at our end, we will contact you immediately and rectify any fault at no charge to you.

Problems you may experience with your e-mail accounts include:

Problem What you should do
Time-out error message when retrieving mail. (Internet Service Providers often experience network congestion, and will not allow you to download some or all of your e-mails.) Contact your ISP and check if they are experiencing technical difficulties. If they are, EPS offers 4 temporary remedies to assist you receive your e-mails.
Failure message when retrieving e-mail Contact EPS so that we can confirm the systems are operating 100%
Unable to send e-mail Contact your ISP and advise them of the problem


If EPS confirms that our systems are operating 100% correctly, we can help solve your immediate e-mail problems while your ISP resolves their technical difficulties. For a fee of $55.00 per hour including GST, EPS offers 4 options to enable you access to your e-mail:

  • Use your EPS Hosting WebMail function to access your e-mails via a web interface and delete e-mails that may be clogging your e-mail account (no charge)
  • Utilising our high bandwidth connection, EPS can download and send your e-mails to an alternate e-mail address of your choice (for example, a Hotmail or Yahoo account).
  • EPS can download a copy of your e-mails and read you the details over the telephone.
  • EPS can download a copy of your e-mails, print and fax the contents to you.
  • EPS can assist you with network or I.T. support to improve your network speed and Internet connectivity. This may also involve EPS investigating your current ISP and account type and advising you on the best way to make use of your Internet connection. This may involve changing your type of account, ISP or connection medium.